Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 34 Capranica to Rome (Saturday 29th September)


From Canterbury - 2074 to Rome 0
Garmin Record:

When planning the day's ride, the first stage of about 32kms was fine, mostly on smallroads and farm tracks, so we ticked that. Ms Vee had her own ideas about the 2 subsequent stages though. "Difficult terrain with many obstacles and a dangerous river crossing" We decided that this was not the day for such niceties and agreed we would stay on the tar for those sections.

After a great breakfast we said farewell and turned the bikes for Rome. The first stop was at Sutri,  small village a few kilometres outside Capranica where thousands of years ago the people quarried the volcanic rock, dug out living space and even created a whole amphitheatre from a volcanic promonotory. Interesting to see.

We left Sutri and looked to rejoin the track. While we were stopped a little further on trying to decide which way to go, I saw a sign that simply stated "Roma 50"
At that point I knew that my intimate relationship with Ms V had run its natural course and in fact the amazing treatment and meal on the last night was a fitting end We are now just good friends.

I turned to Keith and said "let's just get to Rome". And so we rode the SS2 all the way to Rome. A very busy road but safe enough At 13:00 exactly we arrived at St Peter's Basilica and the ride from Canterbury was done. It ended, neither with a bang nor a  whimper, but a husky throat and a glisten of tears in the eyes.

Thank you all for the encouragement, kind words and enormous support on the adventure. It helped in tough times to know you were there and in good,happy,laughing times - which was most of the time - I knew you would be smiling along with me.

A massive thanks to Keith for joining me this week. It has been wonderful for us to share time together. I've loved having him along to experience the joys and trials Ms VF hands out. Also, considering the very tough day to Radicofani and the variety of bike problems, Keith's presence and patience and quiet assistance when I needed it most helped me make light of what would have been a very tough last week on my own.


  1. well done guys! what a journey for you. thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Well done. The end of a long and eventful journey.
    I will miss the daily updates.

  3. the end of a journey, but new doors open with Mo waiting for you. Simisha

  4. Wonderful Tex! We have really enjoyed sharing this journey with you, feeling for you in the hard times, chuckling at the bizarre, and just in awe that someone can undertake a trip of this nature, and come out smiling at the end. Well done! We too will miss the daily updates.
    Marilyn and Rob

  5. Well done El! Great stuff. Looking forward to hearing about it first hand. Patrick

  6. We have truly gotten a charge out of offering this trip to you, feeling for you in the difficult times, cackling at the unusual, and simply in wonderment that somebody can undertake a trek of this nature, and turn out grinning at the finish.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments - I had a fantastic journey - as the song goes "even the bad times were good"