Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 2 - Guines to Wisques


By the time I finished packing the rain had stopped. Oatso Easy and 3 enerjellies for breakfast. No other solution but to cut the pages out of the guide book to put where I can read them while riding. Tough riding on the tracks and farmland. Narrow tracks, thick clay wet from the rain mixed with a liberal dose of pigshit (sorry sensitive viewers by there is really no other way to say it) and very thick grass, impossible to ride through. Stopped for a coffee in Tournehem, as I walked into the Brasserie I smelled an overwhelming pong of aforementioned PS. The lady owner took one sniff of my niff and made haste to find me a spot outside.
Notwithstanding the new arrangement with the guide pages I still got lost many times and had to back track. Really tough day, lots of stops for rest and a fair whack of walking.

But...... Arrived in Wisques, tired and hungry and cannot find the campsite. Reported to the local Monastry St Pauls and asked for accommodation and a meal. What a warm welcome, own room, hot shower, very good meal shared in total silence with the 12 monks who run this outstandingly beautiful monastery they even gave me a beer with my supper. And breakfast tomorrow morning. All for a donation should I wish to make one.

Tough day, great ending. Via Francigena 1 Elred 1

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  1. What an amazing experience to have spent the night in the Monastery. Wow!