Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 4 - Bruay to Bapaume


Today I made a journey altering decision. No more farmers fields and rocky muddy grass filled tracks for me. I'm not a happy chappy when I'm battling and walking with my bike. I came here to ride dammit. So unless the guide book says local tarred roads I'm going to find my own way. I rationalised this by realising that if Sigeric the Serious had a bicycle, he too would have preferred the tar roads. Right?
So today in Arras, I bought a map of France and plotted my own route. I also saw the rain coming and remembered that my special rain jacket I bought for the ride is hanging warm and dry in my cupboard at home. So I bought a bright green/yellow flourescent cape which came in really handy as the last 2 hours were ridden in torrential rain. And I was so pleased not to be riding in a farmers field. It was hard enough going on the road. The man at the bicycle shop where I bought the cape told me that 2 other riders are just a few hours ahead of me also heading for Rome. I doubt I'll meet them but it's a comforting thought.
Thanks everybody for your kind wishes sent on Twitter, text, what's app and the blog. So great to know you're out there supporting me and of course donating to FTH:K. Did you know that the Lions Club of Bergvliet made a R500 donation. Thank you Rose and all of the club members, that's awesome.

Tomorrow is the first of my long days! Wish me wind at my back.... difficult as the prevailing wind so far has been South West and I'm travelling South East so it's always in my face :-) 


  1. Tex, good luck with your long day tomorrow. Hope you don't get too wet! We are having realy awful winds down here in Provence. Hopefully the weather will turn better for all of us soon! Thinking of you - Jude and Mike.

  2. Hey ho Tex! What a journey! Maybe Rob was right - you should have taken the motorbike instead of the bike! Maybe Sigeric the Serious would have opted for that option, if they had been available! Good luck on Day 5 - we wish you well and hope that you have a much easier ride tomorrow. Reading your blog with great interest. Marilyn and Rob x

  3. Good decision! whats the point not using what the modern world has to offer to have some fun on a pilgrimage :) So you bought a map then... good for you!!!

  4. Very wise to plot your own route on better roads!