Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Short and Sweet

I'm on a flight to London on Thursday 23 August.
I shall start the ride early on Monday 27th August from the South door of Canterbury Cathedral
South Door Canterbury Cathedral

and by the end of September I shall complete the journey at St Peter's Basilica, The Vatican, Rome

Each day I will post the intended journey for the next day in addition to stories and pictures of the day's travel.  

Please join this site so I know who is following my travels - feel free to comment - I will try to respond to all comments.  You can also follow me on Twitter:  @ElredL #cycletorome

Note I have updated the donations information in the panel on the right.  
Now you can donate by direct deposit, by credit card or even by SMS
Well done Ana Lemmer, CEO of FTH:K for arranging this so quickly!

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  1. Godspeed lollapalooza.

  2. All the best, Tex/Elred. We will be following your ride with great interest.
    Marilyn Hallett, You've Earned It

  3. I want to call you on Friday mornings, so we can have a live update on air at about 7.45am our time?