Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 3 - Wisques to Bruay-la-Buissiere

Supposedly 53 kms but with getting lost and retracing my steps..73 kms

But an awesome day. Body and legs and mind all in synch. No demons since the first night. Biggest issue is navigating out of the towns. This day is my kind of ride. Small back roads all tarred, gently rolling hills, sun shining but cool, easy going glorious to be in the French countryside. Stopping occasionally in small villages for an Orangina, a lightly fizzy, cold orange juice! Fantastic.

Lesson. Pay very very careful attention to the guide book. Miss one small item and it costs you in retracing the route

As I was leaving the Ferry in Calais I met George, an Englishman taking a week to ride around Northern France, just because he could. nice guy and we had a good chat. Imagine both of our surprise when passing through Therouanne, who should I see cycling towards me, shirtless as only an Englishman would be, but George. So we stopped and exchanged experiences. While I was struggling through the mud and aforementioned PS he had covered many miles west and south of Calais and was heading back home already. Nice to meet you George. Thanks for keeping an eye on the blog.

So it's a great ride into Bruay. Then I start to look for a campsite. None in the town but a policeman draws me a map to one in a nearby town called Divion. Happily, I cycle back the way I came up hills and thought the countryside to find the campsite. After 2 hours and 12 kms I realise he had his right and left mixed up. Retracing my steps I realise I have a severe hill climb and an unknown number of kms to the campsite and it's already 19:30. The sun is setting. So back I go all the way to Bruay to find a place to sleep. Thankfully a man in a bar drew me an accurate map and within 30 mins I was in the Cottage Hotel having the first of two ice child Leffe Blonde beers to quench my thirst. Beautiful bitter cold beer. Awesome.


  1. Hi George is my son.When entering a new region in France you can get a print out from local imfo offices or ask at the local Marie,(town hall)for all local campsites,or the Michelin book camping France lists a couple of thousand campsites.worth getting.good luck on your trip PS My wife and I cycled from Calais to Spain sept 2010 loved the experience. You will have more good days than bad ,enjoy