Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 11 - Langres to Gy (Thursday 6th September)

Distance from Canterbury: 743 kms Distance to Rome 1331 kms
Garmin Record:

Advantage of staying in an hotel; good breakfast.

Started the day worried about the effects of yesterday but no issues. Legs are strong, bike feels light, sun shining, sky blue, cool wind gently blowing. Perfect day for cycling. And so it turned out to be. Amazing route, all small back roads, just the way I like to ride uphills that ask for respect and downhills that make you laugh with pleasure interspersed with those rolling hills where you can zoom along uphill and downhill doing between 25 and 35 kms per hour. Arrived in Gy by 15:00 having had a delicious day's ride. Straight to the Office de Turisme to find out where the campsite is only to be told it's closed and the nearest is way off my route. But wait, there is a gîte in town that offers specials for pilgrims.

Monsieur Coustou's Gite in Gy 

Monsieur Coustou

Comfortable Bed

Supper and Breakfast

Via Romana Wine

 It's a self-catering place but comes with the ingredients to make yourself dinner, spaghetti, sausage and salsa with a salad and bread as well as bread and jam, yoghurt and fruit for breakfast and as much coffee as you want. All for 25 euros.  So here I am in a Gite in Gy. Oh for a mere 5 euros more he provided an excellent bottle of wine.

Wish I'd seen a live Badger was that kind of day.


  1. You didn't see the badger because it was alive! Celebrating a good day with you, Elred!

  2. El, it has been great reading your blog this morning and hearing about the great experiences as well as the trials and tribulations. Keep going strong. Love and big hugs, Sussie