Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 7 - Reims Rest Day (Sunday 2nd Sept)

Up early, quick breakfast... baguette and jam, hot chocolate. Find a laundry, clean clothes.. wonderful. Meet Crystal for lunch, vast improvement over previous dish, this one called "Plate around the Duck".  Duck cooked in 5 different ways served on a platter. Delicious.

Then we went to Mumm's for their champagne tasting and cellar tour. Very fine experience, just not enough champagne. Thank you Crystal for befriending me and taking time to show me around.

Later I was to be found back at the 3 Brasseurs using their free wifi and sipping their beer. Managed to catch the end of the sound and light show at the Cathedral. Quite incredible. When I finally manage to get my pics to upload I'll show them.

A well deserved, well executed rest day I think. The legs feel good, the bum almost normal and tomorrow's another day on the road.