Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 31 Ponte d ' Arbia to Radicofani (Wednesday 26th September) (


1880kms from Canterbury - 194kms to Rome

Garmin Record:

I've had uphill days and downhill days. This one, undoubtedly, is classified as a yo-yo day. We rode the first 40kms along gravel roads across the rolling hills. The views were unforgettable but the going was slow. These roads demand respect so concentration is needed all the way. We stopped in Torrenieri for breakfast. Not a km too soon as we were starving and very thirsty. Some 12kms later we arrived in San-Quirico-d'Orica after a long uphill cycle. A very interesting town, as we have seen before, a fortress town with narrow streets, high on a hilltop surrounded by a wall. A quick lemon soda and a cuppa coffee and we were on our way with rain threatening. Now we begin the "strenuous and difficult uphill stage" The guide was accurate it was a yo-yo of up and down but not rolling hills, up a serious hill and then down to the valley only to be repeated time and again. To say we went from 200 metres to 800 metres is misleading because we did it several times. At one point Keith pointed out an ancient castle lookout tower on a mountain way in the distance across several hills and valleys and said "that's our destination" It was so far away I could not envisage it. Here is a picture when we were a lot closer.
And some other fun pics. See below how well signposted the Via is in Italy.
Some friendly horses we met on the way. The third picture is for Simisha to show it is possible to get a good nap on the trail thanks to kind people who leave comfortable car seats in the middle of the bush. The rest are scenery.  The last is of a Sheepdog very protective of his flock of sheep as we rode by. After 10 hours on the road and 7.5 hours cycling time we were very grateful to see Radicofani in sight and we were warmly welcomed at the hostel. Have had supper and now it's bedtime for two fairly exhausted pilgrims

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