Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 33 Bolsena to Capranica (Friday 28th September)

(63 kms)
From Canterbury 2002 kms to Rome 72 kms

Such a lovely start to the day. A cup of coffee in the piazza, then a few slices and a sticky bun from the Patiserrie and we were ready to face what looked like a gentle day. A fair bit of uphill through a forest brought us to Montefiasconi, thirsty but strong. Similar off road tracks and trails had us in Viterbo by lunchtime, quite relaxed.

Then Ms V played her trump card. "Wouldn't the boys like to take an alternate route, it's shorter and you can ride around the ridge of a volcano?" The boys thought was a great idea and set of eagerly. 2kms down the road we enter a forest on a steep single track, muddy, rocky, gullies everywhere,covered in wet,slimy,slippery leaves. For me, impossible to ride, for Keith, a challenge! I don't think he pushed his bike much but I did, most of the way. Over 6kms straight up the side of the volcano in impossible conditions. As always, you think relief must be just around the corner but it goes on and on and on.  Buckets of sweat later we emerge at the top onto a tar road and it starts to rain! Thank goodness that was short lived. We did stop to look at the beautiful lake and verdant green farmlands inside the crater.

Our reward, though, was a superb downhill ride at great speed on the tar road all the way into Capranica. Our B&B is about a kilometre outside the town up a steep hill - as we have come to expect and we were concerned about getting back into town for supper. I also wanted to do some laundry.  Our host made us warmly welcome. He let us use their washing machine and agreed instantly when I enquired whether it would be possible for them to provide us with supper as well.

So we have just finished supper,
Aperitivos: Three types of ham, 5 types of cheese and a basket of fresh bread along with cold water and a litre of red wine. Perfect supper for us we thought.
Primi Piatti: Wide tagliatelli, fresh pasta, cooked with a fresh mushroom sauce and parmesan cheese. Perfect supper for us we thought.
Secondi Piatti: An expertly cooked, plate sized, steak with a fresh garden salad of rosa tomatoes and lettuce. Perfect supper for us we thought.
Just in case you're still peckish: A large, plate sized, thin slice from a huge mushroom, crumbed and deep fried.
Dessert: Home made grape tart and several bunches of fresh grapes

What a wonderful meal to celebrate the final supper on the road, I could not have scripted it better if I tried. Then when Keith went to hang out the washing he found it already done.

Awesome B&B Monticelli in Capranica. Pilgrims take note

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