Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 18 - An unexpected rest day (Thursday 13 th September)

I woke up and looked out of the window. The storm had increased in the night and there is snow and ice everywhere. The roads are iced over, the fog is low, the wind is blowing a gale and the few people venturing out are dressed in serious winter clothing.

People at breakfast tell me the weather forecast is that it will clear up today and be fine tomorrow. I venture out to take some pictures but soon scurry back inside, the wind chill factor has the temperature well below freezing. The question is, do I continue or wait out the weather. It's a waste of a days ride if the weather does not really clear and then tomorrow I ride on anyway. So I take another walk outside and decide to stay a day here and hope the weather clears. It's probably a beautiful day in Aosta down in the valley.

As my original intention was to stay in the Hospice anyway, I cross an icy road and secure a room there. It is cheaper than the hotel and thats good! As I sit here in the Hospice room I can see some blue sky and the ice on the roads is clearing although a strong wind is blowing still. I think I made the right decision. It is very cold out there.

So having written that sentence I went outside to check the weather and take the pics below. The ice is melting, in fact the wind is blowing great chunks of it off the roofs. The sun is trying to shine but the wind keeps blowing great rolling mist in the way. As long as it is not actually snowing or sleeting tomorrow then I'll be on my way.


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