Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 30 Abadia-a-Isola to Ponte d ' Arbia (Tuesday 25th September)


1765 kms from Canterbury - 309kms to Rome
Garmin Record: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/233176616

Up early for breakfast of toast and jam and tea. I told you about Mario's farewell ceremony, then on our way the the castle town of Montereggioni. Uphill of course!
Quite an incredible complete town within an ancient massive castle dominating the horizon and over looking the valleys on all sides. Then on to Siena, a beautiful picturesque city, very ancient with an incredible Cathedral and Piazza. As alwaya we stopped for a drink then onward to Ponte d'Arbia In terms of time and distance it was a short day. The cycling was magnificent. The rolling hills have become more gentle, the tracks (mostly) were solid and fairly easy to ride. We had some testing uphills and some exhiliarating downhills but mostly just good fun riding up and down the hills. The scenery is beautiful and so picturesque. We met several pilgrims en route and we are all staying together in the same pilgrim hostel tonight.
Dinner in the restaurant over the road from the hostel was excellent. We had Bresaola Carpaccio, Peci (which is a thicker spaghetti with mushrooms and sausage), gnochetti with pesto and gorgonzola, I had rabbit and baked vegetables and Keith had a great pizza. A bottle of Montepulciano Red, coffee and Grappa just made it perfect. Now it's bedtime, tomorrow promises to be a punishing day. Arrivederci

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