Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 9 - Chalons-en-Champagne to Brienne-le-Chateau (Tuesday 4th September)

Started the day fixing puncture no 3. Easy at the start. I had days like this on the Camino.

As far as legs going round and bum on saddle is concerned, not particularly good or bad but most of the day was spent riding a rock hard, gravel covered, ancient Roman road which is interesting for the first few kms. The most interesting bit was when I hit a ditch, wobbled and fell my gat off again. This is now the 3rd time. This time I must say I was very glad to be wearing my helmet as my head would have hit that rocky ground very hard without it. As it was not even a scratch or a headache. Thanks to Bell Helmets.Besides that it was very hot, no scenery except ploughed fields waiting for the wheat to be planted. Most exciting part was riding past a few electricity generating windmills and hearing the whooshing sound they make as they turn.

The guide book warned of this so I made sure I had water and fruit 'cos in 75 kms and riding through 9 villages, there was not a single place to stop and buy a cold drink or some food. I did ask for water in le Meix Tercelin from a lady who happened to be at the gate of her home.  She was so friendly and she gave me ice cold water which was a lifesaver.

So in general it was a long hot, thirsty, tiring day and I was pleased to make it to the Office du Turisme in Brienne. There I discovered that this is the place that Napolean studied at the Ecole Militaire..the military school. Even more thrilling for me though was when I asked directions to the local campsite and was given a key to accommodation sponsored by the city specifically for pilgrims. It's good. Beds, shower, cooking facilities, clean and free. How nice is that as a way to end a somewhat average day.

I've just realised I cracked the 500 km barrier today. One quarter of the journey is done!


  1. I am in awe, you go Elred!


  2. Congratulations Tex on doing a quarter of the journey! You must be getting more used to it as the days go by. In solidarity I am going to walk from Canterbury to Dover but probably over 2 days and have the luxury of sleeping at home! Maeve

  3. Wow, a quarter of the way done already!!! Go El Go!!!