Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 21 Sunday 16th September Vercelli to Pavia

(83 kms)
1317 kms from Canterbury 757 kms to Rome

Garmin Record:

I've had uphill days and downhill days.  I can safely say this was a flat day. Most of the ride was along grassy tracks and along paths next to irrigation canals between kilometres of rice paddies.  For rice to grow well, it is essential that the paddy is completely level and the water is the same height throughout. That will tell you how flat the ride was today.  It takes its toll on the bum 'cos there are no nice downhills to stand up and rest.

Just like yesterday there was nothing special to see or even photograph.  I was interested in the rice, though, it must be close to harvesting time as the plants are brown and the rice seed itself is very hard with a brown husk.

It was a pleasure to reach Pavia about 15:00 and to find that the Tourist Office was open.  They showed me the way to the hostel where I am  staying tonight.  What a relief not to ride all over town for hours trying to find the place.  Pavia is a city that has been in existence since 576 (or earlier - I think two Romans had a fight over it and besieged it about that time).  So the old part of the city has great character. All of the townspeople were walking the cobbled streets, most of them eating ice-cream and just enjoying a lovely Autumn Sunday afternoon.  I stopped in the Piazza della Vittoria for a pint or two then had a leisurely supper.

The hostel has a computer and an Internet connection so for once I can update the blog myself and Keith can have a night off!

Here are some pics of Pavia, the river, the old bridge and the Piazza della Vittoria

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