Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 32 Continued.......

I was working on the blog about midnight last night and I wanted to tell you about the very good meal we had, when the cursor moved to the picture and refused to come back to where I was writing. Irritating! 

Anyway, we decided to follow Sylvia's experience and eat at a restaurant on the lake. The one on stilts in the pic on facebook was closed so we went to another in a hotel nearby. The waiter highly recommended the Ceviche of Coregone (which is the lake fish). That was really excellent. Then, in keeping with the theme, I ordered grilled Coregone with a mixed salad, that too was just perfect, and Keith had Papardelle with pork that he pronounced delicious. Desert was a cinnamon semi-freddo with green apple sorbet. I want to make that at home, it is fantastic

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  1. Good luck for the remaining stint. You're almost there. So close, you could walk the rest of the way.