Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 27 - Lucca Rest Day (Saturday 22nd September )

09:00 Yawn and stretch. What a lazy layabout. Shower, shave and shampoo then wander downtown for a pastry and a cup of coffee. Stroll around, buy a bit of nougat. Walk to the wall and admire the view then  find a Gelateria for an ice-cream and it is time  to catch a bus to Pisa airport to meet Keith. We had to check that the tower is still leaning ( which, thankfully, it is else what would all the tourists do with their hands out and nothing to photograph?)

The Leaning Tower 

                                                                 The River in Pisa

                                                        Waiting for a train in Pisa - going to Lucca

We caught the train to Lucca and settled in the hostel, just in time to take a stroll through the streets and allow ourselves to be admired by the evening crowds. We stopped at a little Cafe called "La Tana del Boia" where we had excellent beer, not Guiness though.  A wheat beer in style made from Farro which is a European variety of wheat we call "Spelt" the friendly owner made us aperitivos - an appetiser of bread, cheese and parma ham.  
                                                               La Tana del Boia

Then to Da Leo for another delicious meal.  Keith really enjoyed the Tortellini.  Back to the hostel to prepare for the ride tomorrow.

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  1. I'm keen to hear what the quality of the hostels was like when you get back. Enjoy your day off.